falcon project

This is an ecosystem that includes two completely interchangeable blockchains.


The first chain is an erc-20 token located on the Ethereum blockchain, convenient and familiar to use by all of us, whether you are a user or a developer.

The second chain is the Falcon blockchain, which allows optional anonymous transactions.


By linking the two together, Falcon Project offers its users the right to choose what suits them best at the moment: speed and convenience or anonymity and privacy. This approach works on the principle of free exchange of a token for a coin in a 1: 1 ratio through a constantly available swap form on our official telegram-bot channel. In this way you will always be able to exercise your right to completely confidential transactions using the Falcon coin when you need it. And in all other cases, just use the convenient Falcon token, which will be traded on all available exchanges. Simple, easy and convenient!

Falcon Project is a complete ecosystem, not just a token, coin, or DEX.

Unique reward system.


Important! The number of vouchers will be limited to the issue of 5,000,000,000 (five billion) tokens, which is 33% of the total starting issue of the Falcon token. Given the wide demand for this reward system, the number of tokens frozen in vouchers will be increased using tokens in the freeze fund. In this case, the percentage of remuneration will decrease over time.


achievedWebsite Creation
achievedCreating an ERC-20 Token
achievedCreation STAGE collection cards and vouchers ERC-1155
achievedAirdrop FNT token to STAGE holders
achievedLaunching a token swap system for a voucher
achievedLaunching the Proof of Hold Reward System
achievedExchange listings
Testing existing Anonymous Blockchains
Creating and launching FNC, Falcon anonymous blockchain
Launching the FNT to FNC swap system
Launch global Swap Blockchain System
Expanding the impact of the project through integrations and establishing friendly communications with leading industry projects and gaming platforms
Falcon Project Ecosystem Expansion

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